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I do not agree with publishing victory statements or citing successful cases. Every client situation is unique; every outcome is determined by the nature of that dispute, the personalities involved, and effacacy of the facts and claims. Yet, I will occasionally get asked for references ... and attorney-client privilege makes that difficult - and still somewhat inappropriate.  I appreciate the process is an unknown for most people, and for the limited purpose of demonstrating how some of my former clients evaluate the process of working with me, I will offer the following comments from them:   

"With Tom's great insight and understanding of both separation arrangements and employment contracts, he essentially gained me 10's of thousands of dollars in my negotiations with my previous and new employers.  Tom was very easy to work with, very responsive to my requests and questions, and had exceptionally reasonable fees.  I highly recommend Tom and will certainly never hesitate to work with him again." 1c293
"Tom provided excellent service to me through a difficult work situation that was very stressful. His competence in handling my case made it easier to let go of some of the stress of this situation. He was able to bring about an expedient resolution to my case in keeping with my request to do so."  071463179836C
"Tom was great help in coaching me on an equitable severance package when I was feeling forced out of a job and decided to leave voluntarily. He not only provided good legal advice but excellent coaching. I would recommend him highly to anyone needing help in the employment law arena or in coaching around matters such as discrimination, unfair hiring or dismissal, etc. Excellent experience.#0618465785787C
"Tom was extremely knowledgeable and a superior strategist. He understood immediately how to best proceed with my case. He is an excellent listener and used my information to facilitate a rapid settlement with a tough company who had enlisted a high profile law firm. Tom changed my impression of the legal profession. I can't say enough good things about Tom."  0617494896952C
"You can tell when somebody actually cares and when somebody is just going through the motions because that is the thing to do. I am confident that Tom Walker actually cares, which in my eyes is the single most important contribution any of us can make towards our fellow man. I have also been very impressed with the way Tom carries himself and the way he projects an confident but not cocky command of the situation. On the few occasions I was getting a little anxious Tom's professional knowledge and clear confident way of addressing my concerns brought me back to neutral ground quickly. Anybody going through this type of thing really needs to be able to trust their lawyer. I trust Tom completely". 0627792048602C
"I highly recommend Tom. Three aspects of his professional (and successful) handling of my case stand out in my mind: responsiveness, patience, and preparedness. From the beginning to the very end of my four month long case, he responded to every single email/vm within 24 hours, if not a couple hours, even after I had paid in full. Though it was a flat-fee arrangement, he was patient with my many novice concerns and questions, never making me feel like there was a stopwatch in his hand. Finally, his stated strategy is to prepare for the worse and cover all the angles - unsurprising for the legal profession - which he lived up to. Though I hope to never require his services again, I take comfort in knowing I would be in such professional hands". 1C263
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"Tom Walker is extraordinary at what he does.  When I have worked with him, he has been highly accessible, knowledgeable, efficient, and effective.  I highly recommend him.  He is my first call when a problem arises." 1C 406
“After reviewing and meeting with several employment attorneys in the area, I selected Tom to support me in negotiating a termination package with my former employer.  Tom provided me with excellent strategic advice and significantly helped me in his “ghost” writing of my responses during the negotiation process.  I definitely appreciated Tom’s direct and honest assessments of my situation.  He was extremely accessible and responsive to me throughout the entire 2+ week period of negotiation with my employer.  This was extremely important in a stressful time where immediate responses are required."  

 "One standout item I would like to point out about Tom was his integrity.  Lawyers are not known for supporting positions that would put a settlement at a high risk of losing, but Tom supported my decision to reject the settlement offer from my employer due to a negative statement placed in my termination document that I believe was completely inappropriate.   Tom explained to me the risk of losing the entire settlement due to my position, but 100% supported my decision to standfast and reject the offer unless the statement was removed.  In the end, the company removed the statement and I ended up with a settlement significantly worth more than what was originally offered.  I am completely happy with the service I received from Tom and highly recommend him to anyone seeking assistance with wrongful termination or negotiating an employment separation package."  0714631798361C417   

"After 10 years of employment, suddenly I was unfairly treated, discriminated, and pressed by hostile work environment. My friend recommended me to call Tom Walker. Tom listened to my story, explained the employee rights in details, and then guided me through the process. Tom helped me to obtain and negotiate really good severance package. I would recommend Tom Walker to anyone who needs help for dealing with work related issues."

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