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Severance "Severance Pay" "Employment Separation" "Separation Agreements" "Employer Negotiation" "At Will" severance negotiation, executive law, noncompete
... always a one on one engagement with Attorney Tom Walker
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My client's employers:

  • Technology Start-ups
  • Fortune 1000 Companies
  • Mid-Sized Companies
  • Private & Non-Profit Employers
  • Global Employers

Typical benefits:

  • Transformational Thinking & Planning
  • Better Money, Terms, Agreements,  Planning


My engagements:

  • Personal Advisor for Change Strategy
  • Separation Timing, Notice & Tactics
  • Optomizing Severance Pay & Terms
  • Offer Letter Reviews & Negotiation
  • Afterglow Considerations

Defensive strategies:

  • Severance Package and Releases Reviewed
  • PIP Push Back and Protection Tactics
  • Reasonable Accommodation Notices
  • Pregnancy Leave & Anti-Discrimination 
  • FMLA, Paternity Leave, STD/SDI
What's at stake? Your ongoing financial security, continuing insurance benefits, capturing lost equity and deferred compensation, your professional reputation, future ability to work for whom you wish, your career story, your graceful employment transition; in addition to your peace of mind.  
for current & former Employees, Executives, Professionals

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